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RR&A offers strategic legal services to support your Infrastructure Projects in the Colombian Market:

  • PFI and PPP projects including strategic partnerships.
  • Major investments, often in consortium with multiple financial partners such as commercial banks and International Financial Institutions (“IFIs”)
  • Project finance concessions and other similar arrangements, including transport concession arrangements, ports, maritime transport, major infrastructure, and energy projects.
  • Major outsourcings: These involve both public and private sector transactions and private to private sector transactions.
  • Infrastructure acquisitions and disposals.

Competition and Anti-dumping

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We have extensive experience dealing with Dumping cases.

We have defended Colombian and Indian manufacturers and importers. Our excellent results have allowed our clients to keep selling their products at the Colombian market.

These cases have referred to agricultural tools and construction.

The service areas cover Competition Law (Dumping and Safeguards), Dispute Resolution (Arbitration and Litigation), reviewing contracts and conflicts of jurisdiction.

Shipping and Maritime Law

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Bill of Lading (B/L)

Charter Party (C/P)

Advice on IMO agreements.

Delays, notices of arrival (NOR), off-hire, anti-technicality clauses, deviation, wrecks and salvage

Hague, Hague-Visby and Hamburg Rules.

Maritime Travel: Capacity, TBN, replacement, classification, cancellation, safe harbours.

Cargo Claims.

Hazardous Cargo.

Banking and Finance

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  • Project Finance.
  • Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnerships.
  • Financial Supervision.
  • Banking Regulation.
  • Capital Markets
  • Microfinance.

Intellectual Property in China

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Design and legal Registration of brands
We advance this area with our allies in China. It is related to cases of foreign trade in which businessmen require the registration or protection of intellectual property in China.



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  • Chinese and English Arbitration
  • Maritime Arbitration
  • Economic and Finance Arbitration
  • Investment Arbitration
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Conflict of Laws and Jurisdictions

International Trade, Economic and Statistics Research

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RR&A has a team with vast knowledge of Economics, Statistics and International Trade. RR&A offers consultancy and research in these areas.

Insurance & Reinsurance

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  • We advise on insurance contracts and policies, namely: Cargo, TRANSPORTATION, MARITIME, AVIATION, TECHNICAL RISKS, CIVIL liabilities, BONDS, guarantees, BANKS, FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS and AGRICULTURE.
  • We advise on dispute settlement in processes such as conciliation, arbitration, mediation and transaction. Some od our lawyers are at the roster of arbitrators and can be nominated by the parties.
  • We carry out litigation at the courts.
  • We carry out registration processes for insurers, reinsurers and intermediaries at the Financial Superintendence of Colombia
  • Registration of reinsurers and reinsurance brokers from abroad - REACOEX
  • Registration of foreign insurers offering insurance associated with international maritime transport, international aviation, as well as insurance on goods in international transit - RAIMAT.
  • Registration of Insurance Entities and Intermediaries of Agricultural Insurance from abroad (RAISAX)